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CCM 4.1(3)sr3a - 7941/61G with 8.0(3) Problems


Just to ckeck if someone is having the same problems. We already deployed a big quantity of 7941G/7961G with phone load 8.0(3). Sometimes users are complaining that the line buttons stop working.. That they hit the button and nothing is happening..

Also sometimes when they received a call and they hit answer it get stuck there.. And also that sometimes when they put a user on hold and later on hit resume the phone get stuck there as well.. Resetting the phones seems to fix the problem....

They also have 7912 and old 7940/60 and the problems is not happening on those phones.. Seems to be with the newer phones..

Any ideas?



Re: CCM 4.1(3)sr3a - 7941/61G with 8.0(3) Problems

Sounds like you are having an issue with connectivity of the phone to the switch, or the switch to the CallManager.

Check the network settings on the phones. If the AutoNeg is not working, force it to 100f at the phone and 100f at the switchport to narrow down if it's cabling issue, switchport or switch.

Simple test is to keep a Ping test to the phone that is having issues..... if the ping stops or does not reply, it lost connectivity to the switch. If it stays up, then it's probably something in CallManager or the phone load.

Remember the 40/60 do have different interfaces than the 61g and 41g phones.


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