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CCM 4.2 - Automatically generated calls to Cisco IP Phone

Dear all,

I'm quite new to Cisco Unified Communications, but I work with a Cisco Call Manager 4.2 set up and manage about 150 Cisco IP Phone 7940s.

Alongside this, we also have a very old data collection system. The old system consists of a server application. The server has two USB IVR devices attached to a total of 8 standard PSTN phone lines.

The system initiates a call on the phone line via the USB device to one of our client's telephone numbers. When the recipient answers, a recorded message is played, they enter their PIN number, followed by the requested data for the previous day. This then goes back to a MySQL database on the server.

Now, each client already has an IP phone capable of receiving internal calls so we're now questioning the cost of 8 phone lines plus the various call charges involved.

My question is, can we get the developers of the original program to write a program that achieves the same effect over Call Manager instead of using external phone lines? The idea would involve creating an internal call directly to an phone's IP address, MAC address or directory number. Unfortunately, the developers of the original program are quite behind on the IPT side of things, and as such have only ever worked with standard phone lines.

Anyone who knows resources that might help them achieve this would be a great help. In fact, all we need to know at this point, is if it's possible? Furthermore, it's quite an urgent requirement so we need to base a decision on if there are any pre-packaged products available that already do the same thing and the cost of it, compared to how long it may take the developers to figure out a solution!

Hope that makes sense!

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Re: CCM 4.2 - Automatically generated calls to Cisco IP Phone

Definitely possible...sounds like a job for CUAE:

For a lower-level but simpler approach, look at the TAPI or JTAPI API Tech Centers on the same site.

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Re: CCM 4.2 - Automatically generated calls to Cisco IP Phone

Yes, it's possible! You find a solution or someone that can do it for you?

enrico AT

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