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CCM 5.0.2 and SDK 4.1

Hi everyone, I'm newbie here, hope you can help me solve this problem: I have got a CCM5.0.2 and IP Phone 7940.

Because SDK 5.0 hasn't been released yet, so i'm trying to use SDK 4.1 to go with CCM5.0.2.

I've already install SDK4.1 and 4 components of COM Server, IIS works well, i added logo service in CCM

and URL is http://<local_ip_of_CCM>/CiscoIPServices/logo/logo.asp

But my problem is : when i press "service" button on my IP Phone, the menu doesn't appear.

I see the LCD say that i have to go to this URL to add service to my phone https://<ip_add_of_CCM>/ccmuser/

but i can not access this page because of this error :"Access to the requested resource has been denied.

You must restart your web browser in order to log in again."

I really confuse about this issue, hope you can help me, thank you so much


Re: CCM 5.0.2 and SDK 4.1

Check out the CCM Admin guide.. it tells you how to configure a service.

Quick rundown without the details: first you declare your service. The ccm admin has to do that.

Then you can either assign services from the admin pages to individual phones / user device profiles, or your users can access the ccmuser pages via their webbrowser (https://

And... http:///CiscoIPServices/logo/logo.asp is most definitely not going to work.. there's not even an IIS on call manager anymore... it's all linux based and thus you have a tomcat and you cannot run any apps on the call manager anymore ;)

New Member

Re: CCM 5.0.2 and SDK 4.1

Hi, stephan, i successfully correct this issue ^^! I find the sector subscribe and unsubscribe in admin page and assign logo service to my phone and it works ^^ ! thank you for your help ! :D

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