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CCM and Active fax

Is it correct that Unity 2.4 and Active fax must be on to different machines when you have a Cisco <br>CCM 3.0X server . <br>If it is sow I wonder why. <br><br>The Company where we are going to install this is with <br>50-100 users. I was hopping to use the same server for Unity and Active fax<br><br><br>


Re: CCM and Active fax

At the time we tested CCM with Active Fax on the same box we were using the old TAPI driver from Cisco and under load tests it didn't do well competing with the fax server. It hit the CPU pretty hard.

QA simply has not had the time or resources to go back and test this configuraiton under load/stress with the AVCiscoTSP. Until they do this and the results are good, we wont put it on the Product Configuration Doc. I know folks want to run this and many, many other configurations, but I hope you can understand that time and resources are finite and we will only support what we've tested properly.

When this has been tested and we can determine what port/user/memory/hardware configs we can handle with it, it'll be added to the PCD. Hopefully that will be shortly after the release of 2.4.5 (which is where all the resources are being used right now).

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice

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