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CCM and IPCC Express Integration Problems

Hi. I'm running CCM 4.1(3)sr2 integrated with IPCC Express 3.5(3) and lately I'm runnin into some weird problems. I have 24 CTI Ports between the CCM and IPCC Express and also a Route Point that ties those CTI Ports to an ACD script.

Customers are complaining that when they call the Pilot Number they hear a fax. I tried calling from an IP Phone to the Route Point a number of times and sometimes instead of hearing the ACD Prompts (i.e. on the CTI Port) I can see on the Phone LCD that the call went to another extension (FXS extension) were a fax is located. Other times Unity Auto Attendant kickin..

When looking at the CCM trace I can see the IP Phone placing the call to the RP and I can see the CTI Application providing the right CTI Port to CCM but CCM still route the call to that particular phone number..

Attach is the pertinent log..

IP Phone making the call x7441

CTI Ports x1001-1024

RP x7400

I check all CTI Port config for forwarind parameters and none are set. Also the RP doesn't have any forwarding parameters. Any ideas? This is getting critical.

Thanks in advanced,



Re: CCM and IPCC Express Integration Problems

I looked at the trace and this is where the problem is.

02/22/2006 12:02:55.111 CCM|Digit Analysis: getDaRes - voiceMailCallingSearchSpace=[]|<:DE-CCM-001-CLUSTER><:><:1><:><:DE-HQ-ACD-RP>

02/22/2006 12:02:55.111 CCM|Digit analysis: match(pi="0", fqcn="7877592000", cn="7441",plv="5", pss="BlockIntl-PT:BlockUnWanted-PT:DE-HQ-VM-PT:DE-HQ-DID-PT:DE-HQ-MWI-PT:DE-HQ-OnCluster-PT:DE-HQ-PSTNServ-PT:DE-IPCC-Agent-PT:DE-IPCC-PT:DE-HQ-PSTN-PT", TodFilteredPss="BlockIntl-PT:BlockUnWanted-PT:DE-HQ-VM-PT:DE-HQ-DID-PT:DE-HQ-MWI-PT:DE-HQ-OnCluster-PT:DE-HQ-PSTNServ-PT:DE-IPCC-Agent-PT:DE-IPCC-PT:DE-HQ-PSTN-PT", dd="1020",dac="0")|<:DE-CCM-001-CLUSTER><:><:1><:><:DE-HQ-ACD-RP>

02/22/2006 12:02:55.111 CCM|Digit analysis: analysis results|<:DE-CCM-001-CLUSTER><:><:1><:><:DE-HQ-ACD-RP>

02/22/2006 12:02:55.111 CCM||PretransformCallingPartyNumber=7441






Do you have a translation pattern for 1020 or a route pattern for it? Does the device at 30891 have a mask of 1020? I have never seen the dialing pattern be different than the fullyqualifiedcallednumber. It looks like everything is normal for the call till it hits digit analysis.

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Re: CCM and IPCC Express Integration Problems


You were right. It was a mis-configured Translation Pattern with the exact extension of 1020. It was nice if the trace at some point display a message saying that a translation is taking place.

Thanks a lot..


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