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CCM + ATA186

I'm using a CCM (3.2.6c) in a lab setup with a few ATAs. For the moment, I've just hooked up one of the ATAs. First of all, I doesn't register properly, the status on the Phone page says "Not registered" for the first port on the ATA and "Unknown" on the second. Nevertheless, it is possible to call. Both ports have a number assigned (7201 and 7202) and it works great, even calling a SoftPhone works!

So first thing is why don't they show up as registered although they obviously are, at least in some way. Is there a way to troubleshoot?

My second question is this.

When I've gotten these ATAs to behave properly (register) I wan't to have them in a Call group (think that's the name for it). So that each phone should be independant with it's own number but at the same time, one should be able to call an "external" number which goes to all the ATAs and the one who picks up first will get the call.

From what I've understood you have to press a key sequence to receive these "group calls". That is something I wish to avoid. Simply answering the phone should do it.



Cisco Employee

Re: CCM + ATA186

I don't have answers to all your questions but I have experienced the issue with 2nd port not being registered. See the link below and go to "How do I get port 2 to register to the CallManager?"

H. M.

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