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CCM BackAdmin throws Event 17055 - "Database Log Truncated"

Microsoft KB article 818202 describes the problem and adds: "This warning message may be logged because the NO_LOG and TRUNCATE_ONLY options of the BACKUP statement truncate the transaction log files, and you might need transaction logs for the full recovery of the database." The implication here is that BARS might not be able to restore the database(s) in full, but it's not obvious I can do anything about how BARS backs them up. Should I worry about this?


Re: CCM BackAdmin throws Event 17055 - "Database Log Truncated"

I think this is normal for backup process since it is dealing with live SQL database. To be sure about integrity of the backup I highly recommend restoring in the lab environment.

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Re: CCM BackAdmin throws Event 17055 - "Database Log Truncated"

As far as I remember, you have to "truncate" a transaction log files during backup. A "log" files are "transaction details", and log entries for one transaction may be much biger in size than the actual data stored or updated. So, if you do not clean a transaction logs, they will grow very quick and will take all availabble space.

Tansaction logs can be used to recover transactions since last backup. For example. your SQL server crashed. You have yesterday's database, which has no today's transactions. You can use the transactions log to restore today's transactions into the yeasterday's database.

But if you make full backup (using BARS), you don't need to keep yesterday's transaction log - you are backing up whole database, and if you need to restore it - it will be restored fully up to the time of backup.

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