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CCM backup by ghost

Hi there,

I got a single CCM on a MCS 7835 machine(2 HDD) w/o installing the Backup Utilities. The customer would like to install the Backup utilities for backup purpose. But before installing the Backup utilities, the customer would like to backup the existing server with ghost. May I ask following question:

Is it possible to use Ghost to backup the MCS 7835 CCM?

Do we need to install the :sysprep" patch, which is downloaded from Microsoft, before running Ghost?

From Microsoft web page, it mention that the sysprep will modify something relate to SID, is it no harm to the existing CCM?

Can the image produced by Ghost is bootable?

If the Ghost is not a good method to backup the CCM in this case, could you kindly suggest someway to backup this CCM?

thanks a lot



Re: CCM backup by ghost

Do they want a backup in case installing the Backup utilities craps out or causes the server to die? Easiest way would be to take one of the hard drives out while you are installing the Backup Utilties. The drives should be a mirror but you may want to boot once with each drive in by itself to be sure. Once you are sure the dives are mirroed and the system will boot to either, pop one out and do the install. If it craps out pop the other drive in, take the first one out and boot. You should have your original config back

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Re: CCM backup by ghost

Ghost is a fine way to create a backup, especially before an upgrade or whatever. The only real problem with Ghost is the downtime, but that can be managed. I have used Ghost on my ICS7750 to backup my CCM & Unity blades easily. The sysprep issue is for when you Ghost a machine that has been sysprep'd, as in before you do a massive Ghost driven workstation roll-out. I have used Ghost many many times, and with each revision it gets better and more powerful.

Anyway, you can either do the HDD pull or Ghost... If you don't want to play around with the hardware, just Ghost it, but either way is viable. You can be slick and do either a boot floppy or CD and just dump the image to a network share... Oh, the fun! To the best of my knowledge, though, your image will not be bootable, although you can make two boot disks or CDs, one to automatically dump the image to the network and one to automatically put it back on...This is only really useful if you have tons of machines that you want to image, and you just want to pop a disk in, boot and walk away.

OK... Good luck, and hope this helps



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Re: CCM backup by ghost

I have used Drive image in the past to acheive the same thing on a 7825 with one disk, and for lab purposes. Works fine on all builds I have imaged in the past.

Just be aware that if used in production it is not offically supported by TAC, even though Cisco use it for the OS install.



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Re: CCM backup by ghost

I agree with travis-dennis...we use a spare mirrored hard drive for our backups on our 7835's, and it has saved us more than once, whether we're doing upgrades or if there's a problem with the server. We were back up and running within an hour - was a lot easier than rebuilding the entire server.


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