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CCM - Call FWD No Answer

I have 2 managers with ext 2000 and 2001, and a receptionist with ext 2002.

If someone calls the managers, and they do not answer, I want the call to go to the receptionist(2002). If the receptionist is not available, then the call should go to the managers' voicemail box.

I tried sharing the managers extensions on the receptionist phone, with CFNA to the receptionist extension. But what this does is if the receptionist does not pick up the manager call, it call forwards to receptionist extension, instead of managers voice mail.

Anybody have a better way of acheiving this. Thanks in advace

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Re: CCM - Call FWD No Answer

There are two. The most elegant would be to use IPMA if thats available to you. The other is to set up a #xxxx Route Point, at set it to forward all to voicemail. Then create a shared line between each manager and the receptionist. On the shared line set the forwardBusy/No Answer to # + Manager extension for the line. This will forward directly to the managers voice mail box. Obviously, IPMA is the better way to go.


Re: CCM - Call FWD No Answer

What you can do is:

CFNA the manager's phones to 2002, and have 2002 (receptionist) line forward NA to the voice mail pilot. The original called-party's number, that being the manager's, will be preserved and sent to the VM system and the call will go into the correct mailbox. Of course, all calls to the receptionist's DN will go to VM so you need to give them a mailbox too for personal/direct calls


you can share each manager's DN on the receptionists phone and it can ring at the same time as the manager's phone, then forward NA to voice mail (DN parameters on Manager's phone). In this way only the manager's line forwards NA to VM


you can use IPMA as mentioned before.

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