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CCM Command History


Is there such a thing as a command history in Call Manager. I want to know what someone may have changed and would like to confirm it with some sort of history log. Does this exist? If so, how do I access it?

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Re: CCM Command History

Best way I've seen thus far has been to use the IIS logs on the CCM. It will show what IP/User they connected as and you'll be able to see what action they performed (i.e. added a phone, removed a phone, etc) by looking at the URL but you won't be able to actually see WHAT was changed on a particular phone.

Hope this helps.

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Re: CCM Command History

Yes if you have MLA installed on your CCM. MLA is Multi-Level Administration which allows you to create Functional Groups with different privilages levels, it also provides change logging, however the logs are not clean for reading.


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Re: CCM Command History

Thanks CDeren. I never installed it, so if it was not part of the default installation, it's not there. I will keep it in mind for the future.

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Re: CCM Command History

There is no command log in Callmanager. You can use MLA and the logs that it generates will only show you the page where a particular user had gone, but it won't show you the change that he made.

So, there is nothing which will exactly show you what was done and by whom. Hopefully Cisco will implement something in a new train of CM.

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