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CCM connection to Unity

CCM version 3.08, Unity version 2.4.6 - Voice Mail only<br><br>CCM and Unity running on separate boxes.<br><br>Unity is win 2000 with exchange 5.5 running on same box.<br><br>Both CCM and Unity are part of the one domain (NT4), Calling spaces set-up correctly on both boxes.<br><br>Unity and/or ccm are browsable from either machine<br>Have correct version of TSP cannot remember offhand (1-30am in morning)1.08 I think.<br><br>Have loaded MWI DnOn, DnOff and Voice mail number into Services and set hop-counts.<br><br>Dialing Dn's in CCM for MWI On/Off lights and cancels MWI<br><br>Running TSP test gives connection status as OK. <br><br>Unity ports set-up with VM extensions, in my case 8000,8001,8002,8003 (4 port 100 mailboxes) <br><br>Problem dialling VM number in CCM gives re-order tone ie it will not connect to Unity<br><br>Unity<br><br> Have not run traces yet but as far as I can see I have done everything the documentation says.<br><br>Any ideas appreciated.<br><br>Peter Armstrong <br>GDC<br>Auckland, New Zealand<br><br><br>


Re: CCM connection to Unity

Check the Unity's application log during a Unity startup. You should see some MIU and TSP messages about connecting to CallManager. Are they there? Also make sure that the correct switch file has been selected from the SA.

Steve Olivier
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Re: CCM connection to Unity

Correct profile is loaded in Unity, both MIU and TSP messages in the event manager (applications)show Unity is connecting to the call manager at the specified IP address.

Thoughts please

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Re: CCM connection to Unity

Have you double and triple checked the name of the ports? The default name in Unity and the default name in CM for the ports is off by 1 letter, and causes this problem frequently. The Unity ports will autoregister as sp30+ phones. Check the TSP and CM config.

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