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ccm crash

we have a cluster of two CCM with 4.1.3 SR1 version.

customer experienced power cut off last day.This impact all server. after power come again, customer switch off server and reload ccm server. Publisher seems to work except that executing bat failed. On ccm subscriber we have no status of service. all service marks with error 2138 in the same time in control panel ccm service started.

We notice also that workstation service not started and we get error 2250

we have also noticed in event viewer that MRxsmb and Rdbss failed

and bad block on device\harddisk0\DRO

Do you think reinstall is necessary

best regards


Re: ccm crash

Bad block means harddisk is probably failing. Use BARS to backup CCM right away. Do you have redundant drives? If not, replace hard disk, reinstall CCM and restore from backup.


Re: ccm crash

I would run chkdsk then defragmentation.

If that doesnt help I agree with previous post HD replacement is the option.


Re: ccm crash

before you run any utility that will scan the harddisk and mark any blocks bad, you may want to assure you have as good a backup as possible. (this may be tough if blocks are going bad due to a dying HDD) when you run the utility to check for bad blocks and fix them, it usually results in data that was in those bad blocks being lost forever. no chance to recover the data if you really need too.

also, if you run BARS for your backup, examine the log carefully to assure there were no issues with some of the data being backed up. if there are not, then HD replacement as suggested is recommended, reinstall CCM and restore from BARS.

also consider a RAID feature for the HDDs, if you don't have one currently; at least RAID1. can help considerably when HDs go on the fritz.

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