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CCM DC Directory + passwordutils command

I have been having several DC Directory issues as well as a CTI Manager permissions issue in my CCM 3.2 installation (upgraded from 3.0(12)... I followed the directions for a DC Directory clear and reconfiguration from:

But, when it comes time to synchronizing my selected passwords by pasting in the registry the "encryption results" from the passwordutils command, I run into this problem:

I have no CMD mode executable "passwordutils" or "passwordutil" anywhere on my MCS7835 server installation... Along with the variety of .exe + .bat files in \\dcdsrvr\bin, there is no "password"-related command or bat file.

Where can I find this utility?

Thank you for your time!


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Re: CCM DC Directory + passwordutils command

On the link that you mention, there is not reference to pasword utils, but here:

tell right where it is:

The password is stored in an encrypted value in the registry, so you first need to find out the encrypted value of the password. Do this by using the passwordutils.exe program which is located in the c:\dcdsrvr\bin directory.

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Re: CCM DC Directory + passwordutils command

Thank you for the post to my question... There was no passwordutils.exe in my c:\dcdsrvr\bin directory. That was the question I was asking. CCM 3.0 doesn't have the .exe file, but upgrading 3.0 to 3.1 puts it there. So I am now using a version that includes the passwordutils.exe file. It was never a critical problem sine this CCM is solely for lab/educational purposes... It was just an annoyance not to have the utility.

Thank you again for your reply!

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Re: CCM DC Directory + passwordutils command


the executable should really be at the named location c:\dcdsrvr\bin. it should also be in the path, so executing it in the cmd-prompt should work.



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