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ccm.exe memory usage


I've been looking on Cisco to try to find out how much memory devices take up in ccm.exe just to get a idea of what good / bad memory usage is.

For example, CCM 3.3(2)spC w/around 250 phones ccm.exe uses around 140k on average. But same version with 20 devices uses around 50k on average. I'm sure this varies by version of Call manager, and other options configured (number of route patterns, VM ports, route points, etc) but just curious what a good baseline would be or if there is some document somewhere.

Also, If devices are deleted the memory use doesn't go down until the server is rebooted so it appears CCM keeps the memory allocated to use later if you delete devices without doing a reboot. No biggie. Just a observation.

If anyone can provide any input, that would be great.

Cisco Employee

Re: ccm.exe memory usage

With your version of Callmanager, each process has 2G of addressable virtual memory. If you monitor virtual memory consumption of CCM, then a very general guideline would be to manage your configuration more closely as you exceed 80% of the 2G limit.

This 2 G limit is a limit Windows 2000 server.

I'll also mention, with later servers like the 7845H-2400 combined with CM 3.3 or later, runs Windows Advanced Server which increases the virtual memory limit for a single process to 3G.

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