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CCM express at multiplt locations


I was talking to cisco presales and they told me that cisco call manager express at multiple locations talking to each other over WAN is not supported by cisco, but, it is known to work.

I have a few customers who have multiple sites and would like to use call manager express. Should they need call manager express at every site or one site (central site) would be good enough and the phones at remote sites can register with ccm express at the central site?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: CCM express at multiplt locations

You'll want to ask this question on the IP Telephony forum - this forum is for questions about the Unity message system product...

Cisco Employee

Re: CCM express at multiplt locations

From a pure technical point of view, it would work. It is not officially supported, though because--among other things--you would have to run G.711 across the WAN, which would require considerable amount of bandwidth. There are other factors, but in short, CCME was never intended to support anything but "local" IP phones (i.e. those reachable via a LAN) and was never tested properly for anything else.

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