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CCM hardware & software upgrade

I currently have a single non-redundant publisher (4.0) running on a 7815. It has a simple configuration and only about 100 phones.

I just received 2 new 7825’s and 4.1 CCM software, but haven’t installed them yet. I am not sure what the best way to migrate is. I guess I could install the new 7825’s and configure them from scratch, which actually wouldn’t be too difficult, however I am wondering if I can simply move my database from the 7815 instead. Can this be done and how difficult is it?


Re: CCM hardware & software upgrade

CCM is very particular about name of the server. So you need to install the new servers with same name as old server, to restore the database. You can do this migration many ways.

a. Upgrade to 4.1 on the 7815's so that your database will be in the same version as the new server. So as long as you keep the same name and ip for the new server, you should be able to do a database restore using BARS. One catch with this upgrade is that your 7815 should meet memory requirements atleast 1 gig to successfully perform the 4.0 to 4.1 upgrade.

b. Use 4.0 disks on the new 7825s and install 4.0 on it. (Use the same name and IP as old server). Restore the backup using BARS on the new server. Upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1 using 4.1 disks that you have.



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Re: CCM hardware & software upgrade

Thanks for the info. Can I install the 4.1 disks that came with the 7825’s on the 7815, or do I need to obtain 4.1 upgrade disks? Not sure if upgrade and install disks are the same thing...

Re: CCM hardware & software upgrade

If I remember right, that should be possible.

You need to be at 4.02a for a min. for the upgrade.

Or else you can download the maintenance upgrade file for 4.1 to upgrade from 4.0. This is an exe file.

Also if possible, before doing upgrade on 7815, I would take a system image (backup using Ghost, Acronis or Veritas backup) so that yoy can perform an immediate recovery if the upgrade fails.


New Member

Re: CCM hardware & software upgrade

The CCM install media is platform specific, and I think the upgrades are too. We went through a similar upgrade several months ago and we ended up bat'ing the phones and users, and manually re-creating the CSS's, partitions, devicepools, etc... It wasn't as bad as it sounds. Another benefit of this is you can leave the old publisher untouched if you need to fallback to it.

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