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CCM hook up to Valcom paging adapter

We are try to hook up Valcom to my CCM. The Valcom supplies its own dial town. So they looking for a trunk. Is there a way to set that up on a FXS Modual? OR how else would i set that up?



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Re: CCM hook up to Valcom paging adapter

The proper solution would be to use a FXO port, which works just fine, having put one in last week, using a valcom V-2003A. I did devise a "cheat" using two FXS ports, one of which fires off the drycontact closure on pins 2, 27, but it isnt pretty, and assumes you have an abundance of FXS ports. This also assumes that you would be implementing this in a callmanager environment where you would set up the two FXS lines as a shared line. The best bet is to use the FXO ports and be done with it. While I am at it, if this is a callmanager install, configure a route pattern where the internal DN, (no need to burn an external one), is a pattern like 1111 and then a dot. set up the route pattern to strip predot, and then you can use the same DN, and when you get answer tone, enter the 1,2, or 3 for individual zones, and / or 4 for all call.

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Re: CCM hook up to Valcom paging adapter

Thank you

That worked thanks

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