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CCM & MCM GK Proxy

My scenario is this.

2 zones: say A & B.

Zone A contains CCM 3.2 with IP phones. CCM is registered with GK-A.

Zone B contains GK-B with PSTN gateways.

When I call from an IP phone to the PSTN, I want to use the proxy functionality. I've got use-proxy commands set correctly for calls between the zones. The RTP flow should be as follows: Ip phone <-> GK A <-> GK B <-> PSTN GW

All gateways are registered correctly, I think the proxy is configured correctly. I think the problem is between CCM and GK-A. I've currently got a route pattern mapped to anonymous devices for the PSTN.

What happens is I place a call to the PSTN from an IP phone. The called party rings a couple of times before the call disconnects (before answer). If I pick up within 2 rings, the same happens- i.e. disconnect before any audio path is setup.

Is my scenerio possible? Any ideas? I have calls coming in from the PSTN to the IP phone through the proxy without any problems.

Thanks in advance.


Re: CCM & MCM GK Proxy

The symptoms are similiar when the codec negotiation fails. So check the codec negotiation of h323 signalling and see whether it is sucessfull. ( between the Proxy and the gateways - also check the CCM logs)

Debugs that will help.

deb h225 asn

deb h245 asn

deb h225 events

deb h245 events

deb cch323 all

deb voip cc in

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