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CCM password


I would like to change the password on my CCM systems. I understand that I would need to change it on all systems that are within the CCM cluster, correct?

What is the best practice for doing this? I just do not beleive that it would be as simple as changing it on each system, because of all the other applications. For example, SQL and etc...

I also have Cisco Emergency Responder, I assume that it will have to get change there also.

CCM 4.1(3), Unity 4.0(3)

Thanks in advance


Re: CCM password

To change the password phrase


You can use Adminutility tool to reset the Private password phrase, this tool only runs on

the Publisher and needs to be done after hours since it stops services; here is the path

and the steps to run it.


Log into the utility as Administrator and select the very top checkbox to select all

accounts. Then go to Options and Set new password

It will ask you for the password phrase, and the tool will run, everything keeps working

fine after the tool finishes.

To Change DC Directory Password:


Please follow the instructions in the following document (attached for your reference):

How to Change the DC Directory Password


To Change CCM Administrator:


>From the Cisco CallManager,

1. Go to Start > Run; type CCMPWDChanger and press enter.

2. Enter DC Manager Password

3. Select CCMAdministrator for Userid and password.

To Change CCM Services Password:


Please follow the following steps to reset the passwords on all servers in the cluster:

Step 1: Log on as the local Administrator on the Publisher.

Step 2: Using Explore, browse to C:\Program Files\Cisco\Bin and launch AdminUtility.exe.

Step 3: Within the User Password field, input the local Administrator password and click


Step 4: Select the check-box for at the top of the tree which should correlate to the

DNSname of the Publisher.

Step 5: Select Options from the menu, and Set New Password.

Step 6: Input your 1 – 15 character alphanumeric password phrase that will be used to

generate the complex passwords for each local account and service. Re-enter the string

within the next field for verification and click OK.

Step 7: Highlight all systems within the cluster and click Update Server Password. You

will receive a warning message informing you that this will take down all systems with the

cluster and could take a significant amount of time. Click OK.

Step 8: When completed, for each system you will see that the Update was successful. Click

EXIT once all systems within the cluster have successfully updated.

Step 9: Close the AdminUtility window.

To Change Windows Administrator Password:


Please make sure that the Local Administrator password is SAME on all servers in the


To change the password, perform the following steps:

1. Right click My Computer.

2. Select Manage.

3. Go to Local Users and Groups.

4. Go to Users.

5. Right click Administrator.

6. Select Set Password.

7. Type in the password and confirm.

New Member

Re: CCM password

WOW! Just to clarify, my goal is to just basically change the Windows Administrator password for security reasons. Is there a need for me to change all the passwords outlined above or can I just follow the instructions that pertain to Changing Windows Admin Password above.

Thanks again

Re: CCM password

jajaja, just try the procedure to change the Windows Admin Password, the other ones are just as further information.



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Re: CCM password

excellent. I appreciate your time and assistance.


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Re: CCM password

Hi I saw your reply for the passwords change. I tested in our lab and seems the steps for reset the private password phrase is the same as change the service passwords. Is there any difference between them ? If I only change the administrator login password, do I need change the others one?



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