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CCM - "Beep "reminder to reception for CALL ON HOLD

This is a scenario for a busy receptionist.

When a call is placed on hold by the reception 7960 phone and the person on the other end of the line is busy, the only way to know the call is still on hold is to look at the LCD display .Is there a way for the phone to make a sound after "x" amount of seconds when someone has been on hold?

Also are there any plans to allow a "Paging type system" to be added as a feature to the Call Manager.?ie Set up the 7900 handsets into groups or area zones to which the reception may page a user in a "zone" via the 7900 speakers.


Re: CCM - "Beep "reminder to reception for CALL ON HOLD

I don't see any reference to it on yet. Your sales rep might have info on upcoming features. You can also open a bug to add these enhancements to future versions.

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Re: CCM - "Beep "reminder to reception for CALL ON HOLD

I'm interested in the reminder tone as well. We use Attendant Console and this helps since the icons and colors are different, but I would still like a tone. Anyone have any ideas??????


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Re: CCM - "Beep "reminder to reception for CALL ON HOLD

This is a feature request as we ask to our SE at CISCO .

See here the response from AVVID .



Subject: RE: Another one: Equivalent Centrex feature--->Reminder Tone!

No, the CM does not have the ability to generate a tone for calls on hold.  Parked calls revert to the originator after a certain period of time if they are not answered.  If this is holding up a deal, please submit a PERs request to get this into the product.


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Re: CCM - "Beep "reminder to reception for CALL ON HOLD

Gavin ,

Service Parameters> Cisco Call Manager >( Tone On hold time)by default is set to 10 I usualy set it to 1000000 so the user on hold only hears the tone once . Experiment with this timer to get the beeps you desire .

Jim K

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