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CCM Route Pattern Question

The client has a DID range of 972.604.XXXX assigned by Verizon and using 5 digit directory numbers. If an internal user dials 9+972+604+xxxx I want CCM to recognize the dialed number as an internal or "registered" IP Phone directory number and perform the necessary media stream setup to the internal number. Yet I need to allow 9+972+60[1,2,3,5,7,8,9]XXXX to be directed to the LEC for local calls.

My intent is to ensure users don't use a LEC trunk on the outbound leg just to have Verizon "hairpin" the call back to me on another inbound LEC trunk.

I've messed around in the route pattern with the various discard digits options under Call Party Transformation … but can't find anything that works.

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Re: CCM Route Pattern Question

Assuming that the 1st digit is 4 in the 5 digit DN, you would create a translation pattern of 9972604XXXX, assign it to a new partition and translate to 4XXXX. Assign a CSS to all phones with an access to this partition, so everytime a user dials 99726044XXXX he gets connected with 4XXXX extension. You can be more specific in the TP if you do not own the entire 4XXXX DID block, and use wildcard mask. For example assume you only own 41000-45999, then your TP would be 9972604[1-5]XXX.

Do not create a route pattern for that, you would only have a 997260[^4]XXXX.

Get the point?


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Re: CCM Route Pattern Question


All my phones are in the Customer_PT. I created a new TP 9972604XXXX, no outside dialtone or use calling party's external phone number mask, a Called Party Transform Mask = 4XXXX, and assigned the TP to the Customer_PT. This worked perfectly ... just as you recommended. Dead on. Thanks buddy.

Re: CCM Route Pattern Question

Use a translation pattern

9.972604XXXX -> XXXX.(discard digits -> Predot)

Use a route pattern on CM for rest of the digits

9.97260[12356789]XXXX for the rest.

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