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CCM Route Patterns How to make smarter

At 1st I thought Route Patterns were fun but now I am getting annoyed. I am working on a store in Bowling Green KY. The store does 10 digit dialing and yes I have to leave it as 10 digit dial. The area code of BG is 270. Within the 270 area code there are some Nxx's that are long distance. Not a problem... I just add a route pattern for LD like so.

Route Pattern - 9.27077[2568]XXXX

Discard Digits - None

Call Party Transform Mask - 91XXXXXXXXXX

This covers long distance Nxx's





Now when someone comes along and tries to dial 270773XXXX They get "were sorry your number can't be completed as dialed". This is because I did not know that Nxx 773 was LD so I did not specifically define it.

Is there something I can do that makes the system try the number as a local call if that does not work then add a one and try it as LD.

I know I am asking a lot but on several setups I have done over the last week Bell South is not able to provide me with all the Nxx's (such as wireless and other lecs) and then the stores are calling with issues.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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Re: CCM Route Patterns How to make smarter

So your making all (local and long distance) 10 digit dialing? You don't make the user dial the 1?

If so, I would setup all your local prefixes then transform all 9.@ to include the 91xxxxxxxxxx


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Re: CCM Route Patterns How to make smarter

Yes all calls (local & LD) are 10 digit dialed. No, the end users never dial a one.

Im am trying not to setup local OR LD prefixes specifically. For instance Bowling Green, KY has 34 local route patterns (narrowed down using wildcards) and 48 LD route Patterns (narrowed down using wildcards) that I should be entering. I have to setup 20 new stores over the next year. I am looking for a way to only enter in a few route patterns for each store.

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