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CCM routing Forward-All and blind Transfers out local gateway

I have recently implemented Call Manager for a client. This client wants each branch to pay for their own toll calls. I have noticed that if a phone has Forward-All or a user does a blind Transfer to an external number, it is routed out of the central gateway (where the CCM is located), not the one where the phone is located. This makes sense in that the CCM is obviously taking responsibility for establishing the call.

Is it possible for CCM to determine which phone the Forward-all or Transfer came from and route the call via that site's gateway? If so, how would I do that?


Re: CCM routing Forward-All and blind Transfers out local gatewa

the reason the calls are sent out the central gateway is because you have only one routePattern for that digit string, which it seems all phones have access too. (this RP belongs in a single, specific partition)

in order to get what you want, which could also have the benefit effect of toll bypass if you like it, would be to create separate CSSs & Partitions for your sites.

then you create separate routePatterns for those separate sites.


SITE-A (111 area code) >>>>


routePattern = 9.xxxxxxx ; partition = SITEA_LOC_PT ; GW/RL = SITEA_PRI

routePattern = 9.222xxxxxxx ; partition = SITEA_222_PT ; GW/RL = SITEB_PRI

SITE-B (222 area code) >>>>


routePattern = 9.xxxxxxx ; partition = SITEB_LOC_PT ; GW/RL = SITEB_PRI

routePattern = 9.111xxxxxxx ; partition = SITEB_111_PT ; GW/RL = SITEA_PRI

for siteA callers, they could use the SITEA_LOC_PT routePattern to place their local calls out their local gateway.

likewise, siteB callers would use the SITEB_LOC_PT to place their local calls out the local gateway.

siteA callers would also be able to use tollBypass when calling 222 area code endpoints by using the SITEA_222_PT routePattern.

likewise, siteB callers would use tollBypass to 111 area code endpoints by using the SITEB_111_PT routePattern.

this style of design is very effective although it does require a much bigger list of routePatterns as you'll need to define patterns for each site.

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Re: CCM routing Forward-All and blind Transfers out local gatewa

Thanks very much for your feedback. I actually have a number of CSS, RP and partitions defined, which all work fine under normal use. Toll bypass is also working correctly.

The issue I have is when the Transfer & Forward is unattended; for example, if I do a consultive transfer it goes via the correct gateway, as do normal calls but if I do a blind transfer or set up Forward-All then it goes via the central gateway.

When I use the Dialed Number Analyser it indicates that it's working correctly when I specify the phone as the source. I'm assuming, rightly or wrongly, that the issue is occurrig is because the source is the CCM.

I'm fairly new to CCM so I could be off-track somewhere - any feedback would be appreciated

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