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CCM to Intuity Integration

Does anyone know if Intuity is able to support two PBXs simultaneously? I am looking to connect CCM to Intuity via SMDI. The Intuity currently attaches to the G3r via analog and uses Ethernet for signaling. Can CCM use the same Ethernet for signaling?

Cisco Employee

Re: CCM to Intuity Integration

This question comes up a lot. First, the answer is "no". Avaya has told us/our Customers that support for multiple PBXs is not provided with AUDIX. Second, the signaling between the AUDIX and the G3 is proprietary. You have a DCIU integration. The AUDIX does support SMDI integration, but only supports a single integration type at a time (in this case either DCIU OR SMDI, not both). The DEFINITY doesn't support SMDI.

The only possible solution to sharing the single AUDIX with the G3 is to change the AUDIX integration type to SMDI, use a VG248 to "split" the SMDI signal, and use PBXLink(s) to integrate the "now SMDI" AUDIX to the DEFINITY. This will technically work but changes the integration to the DEFINITY and puts the AUDIX integration into the "not supported" category from Avaya. For an Avaya-supported environment you can leave the existing AUDIX as is, add an SMDI AUDIX to CallManager, then use AUDIX networking to network the 2 vms together. Or, you can replace the AUDIX with a single Cisco Unity that supports this dual-switch integration.

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Re: CCM to Intuity Integration


I might need to try this type of integration. What did you mean by "add an SMDI AUDIX to Callmanager, then use AUDIX networking to network the two voice mail system together"? I would really if you could go into it in more details.



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