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CCM Upgrade 3.2-4.1 Using Separate Server

Is it possible to take a separate MCS 7835 and install 3.2, import the database, upgrade this server to CCM 4.1, and then take out the drives and install them in the production server?

This is conceived to minimize downtime and allow the upgrade to occur during production hours.

I have concerns that the various OS upgrades and patches contain BIOS upgrades/drivers that the production server won't have, and thus the application won't run upon the targeted server after the hard drives are moved to it.



Re: CCM Upgrade 3.2-4.1 Using Separate Server

That should work, as long as you ensure that both your 7835's are identical hardware (which means, bios, harddisk controllers, processors everything). As Windows stores hardware info in registry. You may run into issues if the hardware info does not match.



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Re: CCM Upgrade 3.2-4.1 Using Separate Server

Agreeing with thisisshanky, it is possible, however, I doubt if it really will minimize downtime. reason, as soon as your phones will register to the new upgraded box they will download the new phone loads and reboot 1 or 2 times, since the phone load in 3.2 and 4.0 differ.

(been through an 3.3.4 to 4.0 upgrade of a 3 server cluster, and discovered that the majority of down time was for phones to download the new phone loads over the WAN).

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Re: CCM Upgrade 3.2-4.1 Using Separate Server

Absolutely its very much possible as far as you have identical hardwares,

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