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CCM upgrade/install from 3.1(2c) to 3.3(2)

I am planning on upgrading/installing from an existing 3.1(2c) CM to a 3.3(2). I know this upgrade is not on the compatibility matrix from Cisco but I also do not have any additional applications installed on the 3.1(2c) server (CRS, CRA, ICM, CCC, ....). Without using these apps I'm assuming the upgrade should work fine??

The other question is what instructions do I follow, the upgrade or the new installation instructions?? I plan on using the latest STIbackup from the 3.3(2) CD's to backup the existing CM and then rebuilding the machine from scratch. Prior to this I will be pulling the HD and replacing it for extra protection.

Cisco Employee

Re: CCM upgrade/install from 3.1(2c) to 3.3(2)

Pulling the hard drive first is an excellent idea, definitely do that.

You can't go straight from 3.1(2c) to 3.3(2). You'll need to upgrade to 3.1(4b) first, then go to 3.3(2). The instructions you should follow to do the 3.3 upgrade itself are here:

And to be precise, you should use the MCS Backup and Restore utility that is currently in the software center, which is version 3.5.18, not the one that comes on the CD which is 3.5.6.

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Re: CCM upgrade/install from 3.1(2c) to 3.3(2)

What are the consequences from upgrading from 3.1(2c) to 3.3(2). From my understanding it should just be restoring the CM info. I spoke with another TAC engineer and they said it should be ok to do this as long as I am not using other CM applications. If this is strictly requiered to upgrade first to 3.1(4b) then I will definitely do that. Is that upgrade available from the Cisco website?


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Re: CCM upgrade/install from 3.1(2c) to 3.3(2)

Plus, It is rumoured that the 3.3 install requires two HD be present! So I would pull the original second drive (Just in case) then add a spare to be rebuilt.

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