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New Member

CCM upgrade with minimal downtime

Hi all,

Just a question, can we upgrade a Callmanager cluster with almost minimal downtime to the users?

I have a CCM publisher and subscriber at version 4.0(2a) and am intending to upgrade to 4.2(1).

My plan is to mirror the harddisks (MCS7835) and upgrade them in my lab first.

Next, during the cutover date, I would unplug the Publisher from the network. (Phones would still be registered to the subscribers but no changes can be made to the database. The services would be down too.)

I can then boot up the publisher with the upgraded harddisk and plug it into the network.

As the Pub is 4.2(1) and the Sub is 4.0(2a), no replication can take place.

Next, I would unplug the Sub, and the phones registered to it would reregister to the Publisher.

I can then boot up the Subscriber with the upgraded harddisk and plug it back to the network.

Phones would auto re-home back to the Subscriber.

I guess the only downtime is when the phones swing from Sub to Pub and also the time for the phones to upgrade it's firmware.

Is this a feasible plan? or did I missed something out?

Thanks for your time. (quite a long post)




Re: CCM upgrade with minimal downtime


You are on the right track.

When you swing the phones to publisher after the upgrade, there will be a major firmware upgrade. So the phones may be out longer than expected (possibly 2-5 minutes per phone).

New Member

Re: CCM upgrade with minimal downtime

Hi Sankar,

We have anticipated this longer delay, therefore before the upgrade, we will upgrade all the phones to the latest.

That is 8.0(3) for the 7960s. Therefore the phones should just swing from Sub to Pub and back again.

Thanks for your reply.

Made me more comfortable with this cutover.


Re: CCM upgrade with minimal downtime

Hi Eugene,

That is what we used to do too, upgrade in the lab.

But it is not recommended to have 2 versions running, so once the pub is up, shut down the sub.

Also, boot the subscriber whilst connected to the network so it can see the publisher, you might run into problems when you wait till the sub is booted...(SQL/SDL)

and another thing, your BIOS and RAID firmwares are not upgraded if you upgrade OS on another machine...

maybe a good idea to run the OS upgrades on those machines...


New Member

Re: CCM upgrade with minimal downtime

Hi hth,

Thanks for your reply.

You mean after we upgraded the OS of the publisher in our lab and proceed to the customer site to do the cutover.

Even with swapping the harddisk, the customer's BIOS and RAID would not be upgraded?

Does this mean we have to run the OS patch on the Publisher again after the cutover?

What would happen if we do not perform this 2nd upgrade?




New Member

Re: CCM upgrade with minimal downtime


We are preparing for a similar upgrade for one of our clients.

What you can plan to do -

1) Upgrade Publisher Server.

- Remove from Network. Change Switchport membership to isolated VLAN so that Server LAN stays up.

- Remove 1 HDD from mirrored config.

- Install any supporting OS Patches, CCM Patches (ie. make it ready for the upgrade).

- Upgrade CCM Application on Publisher.

- Install Additional CCM Patches if any

- Verify all services are up & all data in place.

2)2 Hour Swap Window

- Remove Subscriber from network. Introduce new Publisher into network.

- Wait for Phone Firmware to upgrade.

- Run thru Acceptance Tests to verify all operations & services.

-If all passed then proceed to Subscriber Upgrade.

3) Upgrade Subscriber

- Upgrade subscriber in a similar fashion as Publisher

4) 2 Hour Window

- Run ATP again to verify. Test redundancy, SQL Relationship between Publisher, Subscriber.



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