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CCM v4.1(3) CDR

We've just enabled CDR records in Publisher. We have no intention to use CAR at this moment to access CDR. Instead we would like to export the CDR to a CSV file or other formats from SQL Query for the time being if possible. And in future we would like to access CDR record via external customized program.

Since I am new to API, AXL SOAP development etc, please shed some light how an external customized program to access CDR record. I guess it is through AXL SOAP (web interface) via CCM CDR API to access CDR database. Is this correct? In addition, how long the CDR records will be kept in SQL by default?

Have found the below url from CCO but it is more for CCM v3.3(3)

Any urls will be helpful for CTI development or CDR API detail with CCM v4.1(3).

Thank you in advance.

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Re: CCM v4.1(3) CDR

no, you can't access the CDR tables via the AXL interface - at least I haven't seen a way yet. It's pretty easy to read the records straight into a spreadsheet. Here's how:

1. If you are using windows, create an ODBC data source (System DSN works) that points to the CallManager publisher. Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Data Sources (ODBC). You'll need to enter the publisher's address, and a valid username and password. You will be connecting to Microsoft SQL Server on the CallManager so use the SQL Server driver. Make sure you specify the CDR database on the publisher.

2. Open Excel. From the Data menu, select Get External Data -> New Database Query. Select the ODBC Data Source you created in step 1.

3. Microsoft Query will pop up, and you'll be able to create your SQL query to return the data you're interested in. Remember that Excel sheets have a maximum of 65000 rows.

4. Once your query is complete, from the File menu, selet Return Data to Excel. The data returned from your query should appear in your sheet.

By default, the CallDetailRecord table holds up to 1.5 million records. This is an adjustable parameter.

Good luck. making sense of CallManager CDRs is rocket science :)


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Re: CCM v4.1(3) CDR

What about for CallManager 5? Is there a way to setup and ODBC connection to the Informix database?

Re: CCM v4.1(3) CDR

I don't believe. I think what happens in CCM5, the CDR database is FTP to a designated location at certain times. Then your software can pluck what you need from the file. As far as I know, no hooks into the Informix database.. or exports to a flat file.

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Re: CCM v4.1(3) CDR


Is this right that to access CCM 5.x CDRs you can only use the CDR On-Demand service? thanks.



Re: CCM v4.1(3) CDR

If you have a third party CDR, you must have the CDR records export via FTP to a place your 3rd party software can pick it up

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