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CCM - voip gateway - PBX Integration

CCM ver3.3 is configured by using router-patterns and H.323 gateway configurations so that I can initiate a call from IP Phones through gateways (then ended at a PBX subscriber). However, the other way around does not work.


IP Phone:

1st button on 7640: 3302

2nd button on 7640: 3304

Cisco 3640 H.323 gateway:

PBX is connected to Cisco 3640 via PRI trunk, HDV..

If it was initiated from IP Phones, call is established. Else if, call is droped if it is initiated from PBX.

Configurations are as follows:

IP Phone button 1: 3302

IP Phone button 2: 3304


Route-pattern configs..

If 3XXX then forward to G/W: with a prefix 2

If XXXX then forward to G/W: with a prefix 2

Router 3640:


voice class codec 1

codec preference 1 g729r8

codec preference 2 g729br8

codec preference 3 g711ulaw

codec preference 4 g711alaw



interface Serial1/0:15

no ip address

no ip route-cache cef

no logging event link-status

no snmp trap link-status

isdn switch-type primary-qsig

isdn incoming-voice voice

isdn disconnect-cause 3

no cdp enable



voice-port 1/0:15

input gain -4

output attenuation 4

cptone TR



dial-peer voice 30 pots

destination-pattern 2....


port 1/0:15



dial-peer voice 21 voip

destination-pattern 3302

voice-class codec 1

session target ipv4:

ip precedence 5


Returned disc cause was: 3 "no route to destination".

Evenif I removed 3XXX and XXXX routes from the route-pattern list, same disc. cause returned from CCM to router.

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Re: CCM - voip gateway - PBX Integration

Does the Calling Search Space assigned to the gateway include a partition with those 33XX extensions?

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Re: CCM - voip gateway - PBX Integration

I found the mistake. On the 3640 router, I have configure Loopback0 as H.323 interface for registering onto gatekeeper and initiating the voice call.


interface Loopback0

ip address

h323-gateway voip interface

h323-gateway voip id gk-uom ipaddr 1718

h323-gateway voip h323-id UOM_VOIP

h323-gateway voip bind srcaddr


interface Ethernet0/0

ip address



But on the CCM, I have defined route-pattern as through instread of When I changed the route-pattern as loopback 0 address of Cisco 3640, system became operational.


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