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CCM w/ CME remotes (in lieu of SRS)

Can CME router can be substituted for an SRST router, whereby phones register with the centralized CCM cluster and secondarily with CME. Driving this design is the ability for our services to be initiated from a CME with direct egress to the ISP node (w/o the call path traversing thru an MTP.


Re: CCM w/ CME remotes (in lieu of SRS)

CME does not do MGCP; that would be reason enough not to do this. I also don't understand the benefit you are pursuing. As for the call path, assuming you mean the RTP stream of a call, will and must go between the phone and the gateway. What do you mean by "our services to be initiated"? I haven't yet seen how a standard CCM deployment gets in the way of anything.

Re: CCM w/ CME remotes (in lieu of SRS)

With new CME 4.0 version you can run CME in SRST mode. So if the wan is down, you can have your phones register to the local router. All phones will show up as ephones like in a CME router. This gives you lot more functionality than regular SRST mode.

Not sure if that answers your question!

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Re: CCM w/ CME remotes (in lieu of SRS)

The problem is that customer wants everything to be centralized, so the simple solution would be to deploy Call Manager in HQ, and run SRST in remote locations, but We will be providing IP Trunking (SIP Trunking) to all remote locations that can only in remote locations in a CME router, but then customer loses the benefits of Centralized Management.

I thought the best option would be is to have phones registered via Centralized Call Manager, but still use CME Router to route call to SIP Cloud.

I hope am making sense.


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