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ccme auto attendant - newbee


I need to configure auto-attendant on a CCME install. Not really sure what's involved.

Do I need to install addition software onto the flash?

can i do this in XML or does it have to be TCL? which is easier?


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Re: ccme auto attendant - newbee

Hi Mark,

Here is some info for setting up AA scripts on CME. You will need to download the AA - TCL scripts as documented in this link;

Cisco Unified CME Basic Automatic Call Distribution and Auto-Attendant Service (B-ACD)

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: ccme auto attendant - newbee

Would it not be best if you used the AA that is built into CUE. That is what I would recommend as the user interface for ongoing updates to greetings, etc. is much better.

Re: ccme auto attendant - newbee

Like Sarat said, if you have CUE it's going to be easier to deploy and maintain the AA. Additionally CUE allows for custom scripts done using the CUE editor which is graphical drag & drop app. TCL scripting is powerful but also complicated and has no graphical interface. The defaul TCL AA script isn't that complicated but will limit what you can do with your AA.



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Re: ccme auto attendant - newbee

thanks guys, we do have cue, and having looked around it does look a lot simpler what with the script editor etc.

So how are the tcl scripts for cue different from the ones on the router? are they stored in a different place, or do they interact with the router differently?

thanks again...MS.

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