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CCME configuration...!


We are working on a call centre setup and are currently wanting to hv 15 seater call center between INDIA and US which may scale up to 35 in near future. We hv suggested him a cost effective solution by positioning CCME at both the locations.

There wud be incoming calls comming to INDIAN office where all the IP Phones wud be configured with CCME Router and at US they hv agents situated at different locations calling up the CO office at US which inturn will hv a point to point connectivity to INDIA office.

Kindly suggest us what products do we need to suggest for the US office for the agents calling up the INDIA office for their queries and making the call process successful.



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Re: CCME configuration...!

I'm not sure that CME will be suitable for a Call Center environment, even a small one. The product is designed for small, single site deployments. There is no integration with IPCC Express so there is really no concept of an "agent" on CME. You may be abe to set up calling between sites with h.323, but I don't know that you'll get the type of functionality one expects with a Call Center.

If all you are looking for is the ability to call between two voice systems across some sort of WAN link then look through the docs on CCO for h.323 dial-peers.

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Re: CCME configuration...!

As it was stated CME is not designed for Call Center enviornemnts, the only option you would have for routing incoming calls would be with extension overlays. This would work locally but would not provide a way to have calls ring into one office from the other. H323 Dial peers will allow you to call between the offices but you if you configure a phoens with the same extension as a H323 dial peer it will only use one or the other and not both. You really should be looking at IPCC Express for the customer, the price tag is more but it would be the only way to deliver a real call center.

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