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CCMPWDChanger fails - no access to registry?

I'm trying to use CCMPWDChanger to change the CCMAdministrator password on a CCM-cluster (1 pub & 1 sub). But it fails with a pop-up:

Cannot open registry 'Software\Cisco systems, Inc.\Direcotry Configuration\AppUsers\CCMAdministrator' of the remote machine ''. Remote registry modification failed.

This happened after I changed the administrator password for Windows.

I then reset the windows password back to it's original and then the utility works without errors. But still via the webpages the new password does not works...

Why no access to remote registry after changing on both ccm's the administrator password?

Any hints for this?


Re: CCMPWDChanger fails - no access to registry?

To resolve the issue, perform these steps:

Check the value of this registry key on the publisher:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Directory Configuration\ DCDMGRPW.If it has the value c0a000a2c101c1a100354615c,

If it does not have this value, open a Disk Operating System (DOS) command prompt and type PasswordUtils ciscocisco123 to generate an encrypted password for ciscocisco123. The encrypted password is 0c0a000a2c101c1a100354615c.

Paste the encrypted password into the registry key.

Make sure the CCMSysUser field is not empty. If it is empty, type ciscocisco and re-run the plugin.

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