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CDR Analysis and Reporting is NOT gathering data

I'm setting up reporting on my callmanager 3.2(2c) and every time I try to run a report I get the folllowing error "30023: Data is not available for the date range selected. Data is available only from 1-Jan-1970 to 22-Nov-2002". Nov 22 is when we brought the Callmanager up initially.

The Enterprise Parameters have a local CDR path, CDR UNC Path and the format is to insert CDRs into the database and the Cisco CDR Insert service is running.

I looked in the CDR database in SQL Manager and there's nothing in the CallDetailRecords table in the CDR database. I have setup collection daily, weekly and monthly. When I look at the error log, I get the following:

"Database Access Error. Perform the following checks 1. Database server is running. 2. Check that a DSN of the name specifed in the url field of C:\ciscowebs\art\art.ini exists. If the DSN does not exist, create a DSN with the name in c:\ciscowebs\art\art.ini which points to the server where the CAR database exists. Test the CAR DSN to verify that there are no connection problems. 3. Check that a database of the name specified in the database field of C:\ciscowebs\art\art.ini exists on the server to which the DSN points. If these are not the same, change the database field in C:\ciscowebs\art\art.ini to the database name. "

The details for the entry are all the same "1020 Data not available for the entire date range of the report. CtrPregenReports[generate] scheduler 01-May-2003 00:00:41.030"

Any ideas why I'm not getting data to populate in the CDR DB?

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Re: CDR Analysis and Reporting is NOT gathering data

Looks like the book I was using is based on CCM3.1, and I'm using 3.2 so ther directions fro enabling CDR weren't exactly right. Make sure you go to Service-Service Parameters, highlight your CallManager and choose the Cisco Callmanager service. Then you must change the Call Diagnostics Enabled and CdrEnabled values to true. This will turn CDR on.

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Re: CDR Analysis and Reporting is NOT gathering data

I am seeing the exact same problem after upgrading from 3.1.3A. I have CDR data from before the upgrade, but since, there have been no entries while everything is configured to be creating them.

If someone posts an answer, I would love to hear it too

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