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CDR and ART Databases Growing / BARS Backup Large

Callmanager 4.1.3 SR2

BARS 4.0.9 (recently upgraded from 4.0.6)

CDR and CAR purge are set to 90 days through the CDR interface.

I am trying to modify my BARS backup from saving to a local drive (bad idea) to a network share. BARS is currently set up to backup CCM, CAR and CDR database. I have found that my total backup size is over 4GB when written to disk, and I'm sure that the majority of this comes from the CAR/ART backup. Further investigation shows the following:

art.mdf is 1,437,800 mb

art_log.ldf is 35,700 mb

cdr.mdf is 2,547,520 mb

cdr_log.ldf is 1,785,850

These are growing (although fairly slowly).

The only issue I see is that in the BARS log I get the following "The version of CAR installed-CAR4.1 has not been verified to function with BARS 4.0.9. You should upgrade BARS software to ensure compatibility or you could experience data loss."

I guess my question is-what are the best practices for managing the CAR/ART databases? Could the error above affect the truncating of any logs or other data? We aren't currently experiencing any service affecting issues, but with those databases getting so large I'd like to get some advice on managing them.

Any help is appreciated.


Re: CDR and ART Databases Growing / BARS Backup Large

If you are having problems you can always shrink the databases manually:

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