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CDR / ART Time problem

This is probably a real soft question - sorry if I can't see the woods for the trees.

I'm pulling off various reports via ART and Excel from the Callmanager CDR. However both methods report the times of the calls wrong by exactly one hour (a call made at 11:00 am is reported as 10:00 am) I guess this is to do with time settings on the Callmanager ( which is set to GMT and is correct !!!). The Date/Time group under Callmanager Administration is set to 'Local Time Zone of Callmanager'.

I've had a look through the SQL Enterprise Manager and can find no way to manipulate the CDR time values. Any help would be appreciated.

New Member

Re: CDR / ART Time problem

Do you have primary and secondary Call manager in two differennt timezones or with two different time settings. CDRs are populated always by the primary Call manager and sync to the secondary.? Was wondering if you have any setup like that!

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Re: CDR / ART Time problem

Thanks for the reply - both Callmanagers are in the same timezone and are set up exactly the same - the thing I cannot understand is that the Computer Clock (in the system tray) reports exactly the right time !!!????

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