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CDR Install


I am having problems installing CDR on my publisher CCM3.3.3. I am being asked for a "Private Phrase Password" for the cluster.

I have tried the administrator and sa passwords, but with no success. How can I find out this password.

Also what's the default login ID, and password to login into CAR. Thanks



Re: CDR Install

Users can only access CAR through a secured login from the Cisco CallManager Serviceability Tools menu. The user ID and password for ART/CAR access are the same as the user profile set for Cisco CallManager

Re: CDR Install

Incidentally, the default userid and password is admin, admin. Once you login into CAR using these credentials you can then assigns administrative rights to any userid within the DCD directory.

As previously mentioned it would be best practice to create an administrator userid for CAR with the same login password for CallManager.

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Re: CDR Install

I have your answer. I was in the same boat and TAC showed me the light this morning.

CallManager comes out of the box with a default password phrase, and this is what most people use. The password phrase is a text key that goes into a hash that ultimately becomes the passwords for several key authentication points in the system, areas such as the CCMServiceRW account that is used to start CAR.

If you are using the default phrase, CAR shouldn't prompt you for a password since it has knowledge of the default. If you have changed the default, then you'll need to plug in whatever it was changed to. If you're like me, somewhere in between, there is a utility you can use to change / sync the password phrase:

c:\program files\cisco\bin\adminutility.exe

Run this, and you can either revert to default password phrase for service accounts or set something new. This phrase is what you will feed CAR when you install it. When you apply the password change, all services will need to restart, so you might want to schedule some downtime.


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Re: CDR Install

I had the same issue, but was a little hestant to perform the procedure above. I opened a Cisco TAC case, and they confirmed the procedure. The response from Cisco TAC is below:

The password phrase you are getting asked for is the phrase you set when you first installed CallManager. If you do not know this phrase, you can reset it by using the 'AdminUtility.exe' program. After this is set, you should be able to install ART with no problems.

To reset your password phrase could you please do the following:

- Open directory: Program Files > Cisco > Bin

- Go to Admin Utility and double click

- Select the first square ie. your Server name (all other services should be selected)

- click on Options > Set new password

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