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CDR on CM 4.0


I am getting an error

"30023: Data is not available for the date range selected. Data is available only from Dec 25, 2005 to Jan 13, 2006."

I need recent CDR logs and have a Pub/Sub cluster. I already checked the following on both Pub/sub:

CDR Enabled Flag = True

CDR Log Calls w/Zero Duration Flag = True

Enterprise parameters is also set up correctly



Re: CDR on CM 4.0

Which report|option you are using in CAR?

CDR insert service only in the PUB?

Please restart the following services (after hours):

1) Restart service "Cisco CDR Insert" on the publisher server.

2) Restart service "Cisco CDR Analysis and Reporting Scheduler" on the publisher server.

Go to Programs -> SQL Server -> Query Analyzer. Login and select ART database. Run

the following queries:

delete from Tbl_Load_History

delete from Tbl_Dump_PkID

delete from Tbl_Error_Id_Map

delete from Tbl_Billing_Data

delete from Tbl_Billing_Error

delete from Tbl_Dump_CallDetailRecord

delete from Tbl_Dump_CallDetailRecordDiagnostic

This will force ART to get all the old CDR into ART during the next scheduled loading time

(By default, CDR data is loaded every day from midnight to 5 am).

Can you Set the "Load CDR & CMR time duration" to 60 minutes to check.



New Member

Re: CDR on CM 4.0

Pls reconfigurate the parameter "From Date*" and then u will resolved the problem.Good luck.

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Re: CDR on CM 4.0

CDR Insert Service shold be enabled on Publisher only. You should disable it on the Subscriber.

Subscriber servers have no CDR database, and if you activate it on the Subscriber and ignore warnings, then all your CDR records on that Subscriber will go to the black hole - it will think, that it can handle CDR records itself, but there is no database to store it.

Another thing you should check - if your Service Parameters are configured for CDR.

On the CallManager, go Service --> Service Parameters. Select your CallManagers one by one starting from the Publisher, and select "Cisco CallManager" in the Services drop-down menu. Scroll down to "CDR Enable Flag". The parameter value should be True. If not, change it to True, and click "Update button at top of the page. Do it with all your servers.

Good luck,



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Re: CDR on CM 4.0

Hi Anthony,

I agree with Gonz (as usual!) in that we recently had the exact same problem you are describing. The fix for us was;

Restart service "Cisco CDR Analysis and Reporting Scheduler" on the publisher server.

This service actually showed as running from a cursory view, but looking a little deeper showed that it was stopped.

Also here is a doc that may help you out;

Cisco Unified CallManager

CDR Analysis and Reporting Fails to Query by Dates

Hope this helps!


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