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CDR Troubleshooting

Call Manager 4.0

How can I verify that CDR is working? The CDR insert service is enabled and started on the publisher, but when I try to use Call Detail Reporting tool it doesn't seem to have any recent data. I've also used some instructions I found on CCO to use SQL Query Analizer to list all calls made to 911 and it didn't report back any data. I know there were several calls made to 911 in the last few days (the whole reason I'm trying to pull info out of CDR in the first place). Anybody have any info to help me get started troubleshooting this issue?

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Re: CDR Troubleshooting

You need to set the 'CDR Enable Flag' to 'True' on all Servers in the cluster. This is located under the Callmanager Service Parameters.

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Re: CDR Troubleshooting


First of all you need to check whether CDR is enabled on all the Callmanagers in your cluster to which you have the phones registered. You will have to go to Service Parameters > Callmanager service > verify that the "CDR enabled" option is set to true. Check it for all the Callmanagers in the cluster and also check the option "Data will be written to database" in the Enterprise Parameters page.

Now, we need to have the "CDR insert" service running only on the Publisher. Make sure it is not running on the Subscriber Callmanagers.

Inorder to verify whether data is getting written to the CDR database on the publisher or not, go to c:\program files\cisco\calldetail\cdr folder on the publisher.

There can be maximum 2-3 files in the folder at a time. If you see more than that, then the CDR insert service is not working.

Check the same folder location on all the Subscriber Callmanagers as well - if you see files there, then you will have to make sure that the Cisco Database layer monitor service is working. Is it is already running, you can restart it.

Now, you can log in to the CAR tool and check for CDR records - if you find it, it is good. If not, then I would ask you to open a TAC case and let them access your Callmanager and look into it. I would love to do that, but I am not a part of TAC anymore :-(

But, as far as the 911 calls go, open SQL Enterprise Manager and expand the CDR database and select the CalldetailRecords table. Right click and open it. Click the SQL button on top and that will open the SQl query analyser in a different view :-)

Run this query "


FROM CallDetailRecord

WHERE (originalCalledPartyNumber = '911')

That should give you what you want. If not, write me at

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