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Cellular in call forward to voice mail

Unity 4.0.2.From a cell phone we call forward to the main number which is a call handler. I have the cell phone number program as an alternate extension of the subscriber. When I call the cell phone, I go directly to the greeting of the subscriber instead of the ring subscriber as program. Is this normal?

What I did after that was to delete the alternate ext and create an internet subs with the cell number with a call transfert to the subscriber. It worked, but I had to record something in the greeting and perform the after greeting action to go to the subscriber.

Does anyone know an easier way to do that? My customer don't want to create a new call routing for all users with cell. Thanks


Re: Cellular in call forward to voice mail

Yes that is normal. Those transfer rules are only invoked if the subscriber is selected from the auto attendant. If we used the transfer rules for forwarded/direct calls it would cause a never-ending loop.

There isn't going to be global setting to help you get this done. You can hack it in to do this (like you have done) but what you really need is an application like Personal Assistant which supports find-me follow-me.

Hope this helps...


Cisco Employee

Re: Cellular in call forward to voice mail

Check out the "audio text applications in Unity" paper on the Documents page of - it covers this scenario a bit.

You can simplify things by using the blank greeting and you can also use a simple "loop back" mechanism that avoids having to create the other internet subscriber there - just be careful - you can configure it for an infinite transfer loop if you're not careful.

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