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Centralised call processing rerouting problem


i got a centralised call processing schema with two sites. on the remote site, i've an SRST GW with a T2. The incoming calls are arriving on the central site.

if the wan link is down, how to detect it and to reroute the incoming call from the central site to the SRST SDA? AAR is not possible to do so if i well remember my tests. My GW are MGCP ones.

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Re: Centralised call processing rerouting problem

Not sure what SDA is, when you say T1 you mean T1 right?

AAR is not going to work because it only works when you run out of bandwidth not when the WAN fails.

Why are your calls come to central site if there is a remote GW is my question?

Because of this setup the CCM will not know of the phones and all calls will go to VM or whatever you have setup as CallForward. There is no way to re-route the calls.


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Re: Centralised call processing rerouting problem

Hi, when i was talking about T2 it was E1... i apologies, in france the E1 is called T2.

the reason why i route the call to the central site is because of numbering plan uniformity and cost reductions.

There might be a solution...

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Re: Centralised call processing rerouting problem

There is no way to re-route the calls with CCM. But you can ask your telecom provider to re-route calls. When the WAN fails, gateway on central site can’t see phone on remote site, and if you don’t use forward call to VM , call will be rejected as unknown number. Telecom provider can use this rejected to re-route (forward) call to E1 on your remote site to number you user there. On remote site you make translation calling number.

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Re: Centralised call processing rerouting problem

Previous comments about there being no facility in CCM to re-route the calls is correct (we've been asking for this feature now for 5 years!). Anyway there are some potential workarounds, but they are all manual changes and will require reverting once your WAN is back.

Depending on how you've configured your incoming DDIs at the central site, you could add a temporary translation pattern to convert those calls to DDIs at the remote site (assuming you have remote DDIs) or decide to pass them all to a single DDI at remote site. This will result in hairpinned calls.

You could decide to configure a similar re-route using CFWA on each phone (again dependant on remote DDIs).

You could temporarily enable CFWA to VM on every phone and advise the remote users.

You could translate all the incoming central DDIs to a central operator and get that person to then manually re-route the calls back out to the remote site.

As you can see there are a number of options, but you will not get automatic re-routing in the event of a WAN failure.

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Re: Centralised call processing rerouting problem

Automatic call routing won't work in case of a WAN failure.

In your scenario, we can translate incoming calls (say, when someone dials a particular number, we can make it hit a translation pattern and then send it out to the remote site via a gateway), but this will have to be done manually, when the WAN fails.

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