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Centralized call processing and translation pattern

Centralized call processing.DID assigned from carrier are duplicated in each site. For example toronto has DID range 5000-5300. Vancouver has DID range 5100-5200. We create a 3 digits for site code, so now the extension become 7 numbers. For examplr Toronto 2005100, Van2015100.

The voice GW in Toronto is 6509's 6608 blade, which is running MGCP protocol. Vancouver is 3725 router whihc can run either H323 or MGCP.

Here is my question, if a call from Toronto PSTN to reach toronto extension 2005100, apparently he'll dial E164 number, for example 4164565100 and we'll have to create tranlation to translate 5100 to 2005100. I know MGCP can't do translation. But if I do translation in CCM, since we have duplicate DID how can CCM do this translation, meaning 5100 to 2005100 or to 2015100. I do see partition and CCS options on the translation pattern, maybe I can use that. Has anybody have experience on this?




Re: Centralized call processing and translation pattern

This is easily accomplished with a translation pattern per site within CCM. The key here is the Calling Search Space of the gateways. Example below:

- define all your 7-digit internal DNs in partition Internal

- define CSS Internal-css and add partition Internal to it

- define translation pattern 5100 --> 2005100 in partition Toronto and assign it the CSS Internal-css

- define translation pattern 5100 --> 2015100 in partition Vancouver and assign it the CSS Internal-css

- define a CSS Toronto-incoming and add only partition Toronto to it

- define a CSS Vancouver-incoming and add only partition Vancouver to it

- assign CSS Toronto-incoming to the Toronto gateway (whatever protocol it uses, gateways always have a CSS in CallManager)

- assign CSS Vancouver-incoming to the Vancouver gateway

So there is no ambiguity, because each gateway can only "see" one translation pattern.

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