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centralized call processing

i'm adding a remote site with centralized call processing and i'm using mgcp. does anyone have any good link or configs that i can look at? also all calls that originate from the branch will go through the central site? any information on call flow would be great as well

thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: centralized call processing

For starters you may want to look at the Cisco IPT Solution Design Guide for CM 3.1 and 3.2:

It should provide some basic config info and call flow info.


Re: centralized call processing

I'm confused, if you are using a centralized model, and all calls go through the central site, then why have a gateway at a branch?

Now, if you are asking how to keep your calls local to the branches, then, each branches phones CSS would include route patterns that point to the local gateway.

Are you looking for the calls to go local to the branches or really a centralized model?


Community Member

Re: centralized call processing

exactly... i'm trying to figure out how i can keep local calls local to the branch...

i read the above link and found out that its usually done with CSS that point to the local gateway. i'm assuming that all local calls (same area code) will go through the local PSTN and all calls that are in the area code of the centralized site will go there. 911 calls will go through local PSTN as well... are there any links on designing route patterns for local branches?

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