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Centralized Unity

Unity 2.4.6:135 CCM 3.1<br><br>1.) Customer is going to have one centralized unity server with several locations (companies running off the same unity server). The question I have is related to numbers that could potentially overlap within companies. For example company A may have directory number 4000 and company B may have directory number 4000. Is there a way you can have two 4000 mailboxes within unity to reflect diffrent companies.<br><br>2. Can you also have diffrent directories based on location, etc. If the dial a main greeting and than select caller input to get to Company A can they then do spell by name and have the ability to only address users within Company A and not all users on the Unity server.<br><br>Thanks.<br><br>Bob<br><br>


Re: Centralized Unity

Steve is right... the short answer is Unity is not configured for tenant services application which is what you're trying to do here. I'm currently working with some folks on specing out the changes to Unity necessary to handle this and, of course, multiple alpha directories is near the top of the list. Overlapping numbering plans, however, is pretty far down on my list, frankly, since it raises the complexity bar by an order of magnitude from an admin and a call routing standpoint. For instance when a call forwards from extension 4000 there needs to be a second piece of data that indicates to Unity WHICH extension 4000 this might be... a potential tar pit if sites are not using segmented ports or something really straight forward.

The agenda for tenant services I'm pushing is a model where you have several small tenants being serviced by one large Unity and switch deployment where numbering plans are unique across all users across all tenants. Tenants can be segmented from one another, admin duties can be segmented/restricted on a per-tenant basis (i.e. having tenant specific admin duties), segmented audio text applications, definable exit destinations for all conversations (i.e. subscribers bailing from their message retrieval conversation go somewhere definable instead of the opening greeting), etc... If you have a situation where you need several different switch integrations and overlapping numbering plans, that would seem to call for multiple Unity servers in my mind.

But, of course, I'm open to argument... now's the time since I'm plinking away at this requirements definition...

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)


Re: Centralized Unity

1. No, DTMF id's must be unique within Unity.

2. No, the directory is global.

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems

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