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Centralized Unity

With Centralized Call Manager and Unity with Branches running SRST, what additional hardware will be needed in a Branch SRST router to allow full accessibility to Unity Server if IP/WAN goes down. Can IP Phones use full fucntionality of Unity such as Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, MWI via PSTN without additional hardware locally in a branch Voice Router.


Re: Centralized Unity


Voicemail integration for SRST can be configured with a combination of dial-peers and call-manager-fallback commands (voicemail, call-forward busy, call-forward noan). Advanced integration can be done for redirecting or forwarding direct to SRST enabled user's mailbox. PRI has an option to use RDNIS or you can use the Pattern command on the SRST router to pass DTMF tones to migrate voicemail system and get to the correct mailbox.

Forwarding to the Central Unity AA should also be able to be done with the alias command and then a call forward destination. This call forward to the AA number would then require a DID to work correctly. There might be a better way to do this and I have never tested this before. I'm not sure if MWI is able to be set to the remote SRST phone.

Check out the SRST guide, Integrating voicemail for more details.

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Re: Centralized Unity


Thanks ! I will go through your suggestions. Someone mentioned that AIM module can also be used in such cases.

Re: Centralized Unity


We have had trouble with our Telco in combination with a bug in the IOS with RDNIS information not properly forwarded by the IOS. We were on 12.4.9T and had to move to 12.4.9T1 to fix the problem. The IOS was not sending the reason for the forward (Busy or No-Answer) and Unity always played the General greeting instead of the Subscriber greeting. This bug seems to have fixed in 12.4.9T1.

In case of SRST, except for MWI, you should be able to forward calls to voicemail on CFB or CFNA, access voicemail using messages,button etc.

You can use AIM-CUE in SRST mode, but MWI doesnt work in this case either. You also cannot sync voicemails between Unity and CUE.



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