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CER Bug or Need to Upgrade?

CER 1.2(3)

Using the "Import Switch Port Details" IP phones residing on stacked Catalyst 3750 Switches. Each Switch contains 2 Gig interfaces and 48 FastE interfaces. It appears the Module/Port ID does not coincide with the actual switch interface name:

Searching the Switch Port Details by the actual interface of a switch and clicking "details" shows:

Switch IP Address (omitted)

Module/PortID 6/0/13


ERL Name (Omitted)

Switch HostName (Omitted)

Port Name Fa6/0/11

If I export the switch details it shows this:

IfName Port Name Port Identifier

Fa4/0/1 Fa4/0/1 4/0/3

Fa4/0/2 Fa4/0/2 4/0/4

Fa4/0/3 Fa4/0/3 4/0/5

It appears the Gig interfaces throw off the actual interface ID. During import the Port ID is all that's required, however since this don't match the actual interface it makes import extremely difficult.

Is this a compatibility issue with stacked 3750s, or a bug?

I'm awaiting a call from TAC, but if someone can share some wizdom on this it would be appreciated.

New Member

Re: CER Bug or Need to Upgrade?

It appears in their infinite wisdom to use relative port locations, not actual interface names. So we would know an interface as FastEthernet1/0/1, but since the 3750 has two Gig Interfaces, the port in CER is referred to as FastEthernet1/0/3. Argghh! What were they thinking!

Re: CER Bug or Need to Upgrade?

There is something wrong with the export feature or import on this prodcut. Excel does not read the port names correctly if you open it up in Excel off the bat. Yo have to open th exported csv file in notepad,

find all "/? and replace "/@" save the file.

Open excel and import the file into excel as a comma file.

Make your changes or updates to the locations field

add a column at the end with @

save the file.

Open the file in notepad, find all "@" and replace with nothing

save the file and import to CER.

Something is buggy with how either excel reads the file CER reads the switches...

I'm kind of bummed that the CER cant update the switch port names with the location "names" its easy then to shut off ports or on remotely for workstation locations.


New Member

Re: CER Bug or Need to Upgrade?

I'm not sure we're talking about the same issue, but your comments are interesting. I was able to export the data from CER, modify in Excel and re-import. What I found is that Excel drops the last comma that is required on the import. To avoid this I simply added a single space in the last column in Excel. When I save as CSV Excel puts the last comma in. Problem solved.

My issue is relative port assignments in CER; the interface name that you work with in a switch (and what will show up if you look at the network statistics from an IP phone as the "neighbor port") is different than what CER uses to reference the port.

Re: CER Bug or Need to Upgrade?

hmm I just looked at mine and I have 4506 swithes with 48 port cards. (2) gbics in the supes, but it does not show up in the switch ports anywhere. I know in the past, there was a bug in CER that would not show over 48 ports the 4500, but that has been fixed.

No 3750's here, but I have a 3560 i have to add next week. So i will see if it shows up there also

New Member

Re: CER Bug or Need to Upgrade?

The only reference I see to this issue is in the release notes. The key is "relative position".

Port Naming Convention?To support switches such as the Cisco Catalyst 3750 which have ports that can be uniquely identified by Switch ID, Module ID and Port ID combination, Cisco ER 1.2(3) uses the following port naming convention in the Switch Port administration page:

?IfName: New field display name for port as given for the switch CLI (for example, Fa1/5 or Gi2/0/1)

?Port Identifier: replaces the Module ID/Port ID.

It contains {optional} <> / <> / <>

?Search on Port IfName replaces the Module ID/Port ID search.

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