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CFA from dummy phone to Unity Call Handler plays failsafe message

We have a lot of "virtual offices" that each require a different call handler, so I created several dummy ip phones with CFA to Unity, and made the call handlers extensions the same as the phones, then recorded greetings for each handler. If I call the phone, I get a Failsafe Message from Unity. If I assign the dummy phone's number to a subscriber instead, I hit the subscriber's greeting.

Why is this? We recently upgraded from 2.4.6 to 3.1.5 and it worked in 2.4.6 just fine. Is there some registry setting I need to change?

Cisco Employee

Re: CFA from dummy phone to Unity Call Handler plays failsafe me

No registry setting needed here - the first place to look when you get a failsafe message (or any error in Unity for that matter) is the application event log - there will be one or more errors in there about why the call was sent to the failsafe.

The most likely reason is the call handler is configured with an owner or a message recipient that is not valid (i.e. it's configured for a subscriber or a distribution list that is no longer in the system). You can check this on one of the handlers to be sure (owner is on the profile page, message recipient is on the messages page). You can also run dbWalker to find missing or bad links like that - the latest version can always be found on

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