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CFA never releases caller from Hold

A subscriber enters an off network number for their Call Forward All (such as their home or cell phone). A caller dials the main number, then enters the user's extension.

Unity 4.2(1) replies with "please wait..." and the caller is placed on hold, listening to the futuristic music Cisco provides.

The user's phone rings where it has been forwarded to (their cell phone).

When the user answers, they have dead air. If they wait long enough, they (the subscriber) will hear their own voice mail message.

The calling party stays on hold until they perform a Kevorkian disconnect (disconnect themself).

We are not using supervised calling. I verified the Unity 5.0.4a 301 timer is larger than the ring timer.

I watched the calls in Unity, and the field called "transfer" never has an entry into it.

"Call #","Time","Origin","Reason","Trunk ID","Port ID","Dialed Number","Calling Number","Forwarding Station"

"1","15:19:42","Internal","Direct","0","15","2900","817176202542"," "

"1","15:20:29","Duration = 47 sec"," "," "," "," "," "," "

The caller stayed on hold the entire time after it said "Please wait..."

Any ideas?


Re: CFA never releases caller from Hold

Is there any possibility to have the call CCM traces?

I believe that they will provide us some valuable information.

Also, are you talking about CFWAll soft key? Why is Unity involved on this conversation? have you tried to change the No Answer Ring Duration flag on the line?


New Member

Re: CFA never releases caller from Hold

The reason Unity is involved is because people reach the AA first, then type the extension of the subscriber they want.

I will do some call traces in a moment and post them.

Did not think of checking the line no answer rigg duration, I will do so.

New Member

Re: CFA never releases caller from Hold

Not sure what you want me to post from the trace, but here is a piece:

11/09/2006 16:23:14.648 CCM|dBProcs - updateStationRegistrationProfileCache. deviceName=[SEP0018BAC9DD09], pt_mech_office/2403 oldCFA= newCFA=82838829|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:ALL><:FFFF>

11/09/2006 16:23:14.648 CCM|DB: ~CFastAccess(NumPlan)|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:DETAILED><:0400>

11/09/2006 16:23:14.652 CCM|ForwardManager - findInterceptTableEntry - Found Intercept table entry for dn= 2403:pt_mech_office, InterceptKey= 0x11E,0x5575980|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:3><:><:SEP0018BAC9DD09><:ARBITRARY><:0800>

11/09/2006 16:23:14.652 CCM|ForwardManager - processDbFwdUpdateInd - DB_ADD_ENTRY - Existing entry found and Updated for Dn= 2403:pt_mech_office|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:3><:><:SEP0018BAC9DD09><:ARBITRARY><:0800>

11/09/2006 16:23:14.652 CCM|ForwardManager - updateInterceptTableEntry DbFwdUpdateIndMsg -- Updated Entry for Dn= 2403:pt_mech_office, CFA= 82838829, CFB= , CFBInt= , CFNA= , CFNAInt= , CFAP= , PFF= , PFFInt=, InterceptKey= 0x11E|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:3><:><:SEP0018BAC9DD09><:STATE transition=""><:0800>

11/09/2006 16:23:14.652 CCM|ForwardManager - sendUnregisterInterceptReq - Unregistered Intercept for pattern= 2403:pt_mech_office, InterceptKey= 0x11E|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:3><:><:SEP0018BAC9DD09><:ARBITRARY><:0800>

11/09/2006 16:23:14.652 CCM|ForwardManager - removeInterceptTableEntry - Removed entry for dn= 2403:pt_mech_office, ssKey = 0x11E, from mInterceptTable and mDnToInterceptIndexMap.|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:3><:><:SEP0018BAC9DD09><:STATE transition=""><:0800>

11/09/2006 16:23:14.653 CCM|ForwardManager - logInterceptTableEntry


index = 286, ssKey = 286, recordStatus 1,

dnPattern = 2403, dnPartition = pt_mech_office, dnPartitionSearchSpace = pt_mech_international:pt_mech_longdist:pt_mech_voicemail:pt_mech_local,

cfa = 82838829, cfaToVM = 0, cfaCss = pt_mech_longdist:pt_mech_voicemail, sCfaCss = ,

cfb = , cfbToVM = 1, cfbCss = ,

cfbInt = , cfbIntToVM = 1, cfbIntCss = ,

cfna = , cfnaToVM = 1, cfnaCss = pt_mech_101:pt_mech_900:pt_mech_911:pt_mech_976:pt_mech_local:pt_mech_office:pt_mech_operator:pt_mech_voicemail, cfnaTimer = 0,

cfnaInt = , cfnaIntToVM = 1, cfnaIntCss = pt_mech_101:pt_mech_900:pt_mech_911:pt_mech_976:pt_mech_local:pt_mech_office:pt_mech_operator:pt_mech_voicemail,

cfap = , cfapToVM = 0, cfapCss = , cfapTimer = 0,

pff = , pffToVM = 0, pffCss = ,

pffInt = , pffIntToVM = 0, pffIntCss = ,

pffCfna = 0, pffCfb = 0,

fullyQualifiedDirectoryNumberMask = 7177961936,

patternUsage = 2,

pffCfnaEnabled = 0, pffCfbEnabled=0


Did you need more, or something else altogether?

New Member

Re: CFA never releases caller from Hold

I also have this:

001328227| 2006/11/09 16:25:45.206| 001| SdlSig | SsCallInfoRes | getting_secondary_call_info | Transferring(1,100,57,568) | TransferManager(1,100,58,1) | (1,100,59,1).1643273-(vmp_mech01-VI6:| [R:NP - HP: 0, NP: 0, LP: 0, VLP: 0, LZP: 0 DBP: 0]Type=16777220 ssKey=568 sideASsNode=1 sideASs=18903780 sideADsla=(0,0,536949258,0) AHold=0 sideAPSS=6d84ae8f-4126-84c1-65bc-e164e4effd6d sideACMDevType=4 sideAEncodingType=0 sideAIsPreferAltScript=0 sideBNode=1 sideBSs=18903783 sideBDsla=(0,18903783,570503690,5060) BHold=0 sideBPSS=14eb28c6-a3ed-8c24-7cd5-a9bcfd315e7f sideBCMDevType=8 sideBEncodingType=0 sideBIsPreferAltScript=0 cgPart=pt_mech_voicemail cgPat=2906 cgTags= cgValues= pretransCgp:tn=0npi=0nd=2906pi=0si1 cgpn:tn=0npi=1nd=7177961936pi=1si3 unModCgpn:tn=0npi=1nd=7177961936pi=0si3 untransformedCgpn:tn=0npi=1nd=2906pi=1si0 cgNameInfo=locale: 1 Name: VoiceMail UnicodeName: VoiceMail pi: 1 cgLocName=locale: 1 Name: UnicodeName: pi: 0 cgpnMailbox= cgpnVMPN= cgpnVMPCss= cgCause=0 cgDevName=vmp_mech01-VI6 cgDevCepn=3ce733d4-20bf-0e06-b2ec-8d9a0b0e3216 cgDevLocale=1 dialedNum:tn=0npi=0nd=82838829pi=0si1 cdPart=pt_mech_longdist cdPat=8.@ cdTags= cdValues= pretransCdpn:tn=0npi=0nd=82838829pi=0si1 cdpn:tn=0npi=0nd=2838829pi=1si1 unModCdpn:tn=2npi=1nd=82838829pi=0si1 cdNameInfo=locale: 1 Name: UnicodeName: pi: 1 cdLocName=locale: 1 Name: UnicodeName: pi: 0 cdpnVM= cdpnVMPN=2900 cdpnVMPCss=pt_mech_911:pt_mech_101:pt_mech_900:pt_mech_976:pt_mech_operator:pt_mech_voicemail:pt_mech_office cdCause=0 cdDevName=trk_sip2 cdDevCepn= cdDevLocale=1 oPart=pt_mech_office oPat=2403 oTags= oValues= oDialedNum:tn=3npi=1nd=2403pi=0si1 oCdpn=tn=0npi=0nd=2403pi=0si1 oCdpnVM= oCdpnVMPN=2900 oCdpnVMPCss=pt_mech_911:pt_mech_101:pt_mech_900:pt_mech_976:pt_mech_operator:pt_mech_voicemail:pt_mech_office oCdpnRFR=15 oCdpnCause=0 LRPartition=pt_mech_office LRPattern=2403 LRWithTags= LRWithValues= LRNum=tn=0npi=0nd=2403pi=1si1 rnName=locale: 1 Name: UnicodeName: pi: 0 LRNumVMbox= LRNumberVMPN=2900 LRVMPCss=pt_mech_911:pt_mech_101:pt_mech_900:pt_mech_976:pt_mech_operator:pt_mech_voicemail:pt_mech_office LRRFR=15 LRCause=0 callState=5 clientCodeRequired=0 authorizationCodeRequired=0 authorizationLevelRequired=0 GCI=(1,2119530) AQsigStatus=0 BQsigStatus=0 sideAUserState=2 sideBUserState=2 sideAUnattendedPort=0 sideBUnattendedPort=0sideAisOffnetDev=0sideBisOffnetDev=1 ssOverlapDigits= callType=0 sideAPathRepSupport=76 sideBPathRepSupport=0 ssControllingCcPid=(1,157,3759)

New Member

Re: CFA never releases caller from Hold

OK, second try to post with an attachment.

Calling number: 6202542

Called number: 7961936

Dialed extension after reaching AA: 2403

CFA Number: 2838829

New Member

Re: CFA never releases caller from Hold

Here are the attachments


Re: CFA never releases caller from Hold


Checking right now.

New Member

Re: CFA never releases caller from Hold

More info:

The problem only happens if you dial the main number and reach the Auto Attendand, then transfer to an extension which has CFA setup.

If you dial a DID number which has CFA setup, the call forwards as expected.


Re: CFA never releases caller from Hold

I thought that I have replied back, I believe that the problem is with the time that that takes to connect the call to forwarded device, have you checked the No Answer Ring Duration time? Also, what happen if we create a CTI that FWDs the call to the cell, and on the phone we FWD the call to the CTI?

New Member

Re: CFA never releases caller from Hold

can you check in service parameters for

mCallRerouteIsEnabled, is it true or false ?

I've more or less the same problem with callmanager 7.1.5.

05/28/2010 19:08:00.780 CCM|Forwarding::isCallReroutePossible - FALSE from mCallRerouteIsEnabled|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:1><:><:SEP1C17D34187AB><:ARBITRARY><:0800>

05/28/2010 19:08:00.780 CCM|Forwarding - sendRedirectCall - Using Orig Party callKey= 0xF|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:1><:><:SEP1C17D34187AB><:ARBITRARY><:0800>


kind regards,

johan claes