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CFA to Unity Voicemail

Quick background for you all.

Unity 3.1.6 servicing 7 CCM Clusters all working fine (CCM3.22cspH up to 3.3.5).

Adding another 3.3.5 site, users are able to dial Unity on the Pilot number, customise mailbox greetings. Things go wrong when a phone is configured to forward to VM (CFA, CFB or CFNA using the tick box). from External source the call is dropped, internally from an IP Phone the caller hears fast busy tone.

I know what you are thinking, CSS/PT missmatch. no coz you can dial unity from internally and externally but you cannot be forwarded to unity.

No this is the funny thing, if you clear the CF to VM tick box and use the VM pilot number as the the CF destination....IT WORKS!!!!!!

Things i have tried

Restarting CCM service and DB Layer Monitor service.

Changing VM port numbers.

Adding and removing vm ports.

The cluster is not live yet, Unity is being used for very basic VM usage, no fancy stuff, all call handlers are vanilla, no changes.

The previous 7 integrations have all gone without a hitch over the past 2 years. there was a recent upgrade of TSP to 7.0.4 a version compatible with 3.22c and 335 and all was/is fine.

Any ideas welcome

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Re: CFA to Unity Voicemail

Check the voice mail profile assigned to the phone(s) and the pilot number assigned to that profile to verify that they are correct.

Hope this helps.


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Re: CFA to Unity Voicemail

done that a couple of times each time i change the numbers.Thanks for looking,

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Re: CFA to Unity Voicemail

My first guess is that you need to correct the calling search space/partitions. It sounds like you are not allowing access to the voice mail ports.

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Re: CFA to Unity Voicemail

Hello there,

Checked those, as this installation is the same as the other 7 CCM. each of those clusters is again very basic standalone clusters with very basic CSS/PTs infact the names of them are the same where VM is concerned, straight from from the integration guide VMRestricted, VMPilotNumber etc.

Don't think that CSS etc are an issue as both internal ipphones and external callers (via a translation to the pilot number) can reach Unity. it is only when CF to VM is checked does it fail

Thanks for the input though, it makes me double check stuff i have gone over

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Re: CFA to Unity Voicemail

Is the pilot number or the translation in a different partition than the voice mail ports? If so I would not rule this out as the cause. In my experience a fast busy that is not generated by PSTN usually comes from a CSS issue.

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Re: CFA to Unity Voicemail


I admit i didn't really think that your suggestion would solve anything but as i have been driving myself nuts for the past 3 days i was willing to try anything.

i changed all the CSS and PT of teh VM ports to the same as the phones and it worked like dream!!!!!!!

Further to make sure i moved them all back again to VMRestricted etc....and it still all worked!!!!!!

so maybe a change in CSS/PT was enough to quick start something. i seem to recall seeing a post about changing the name of a partions causes the CF details to be unchangable hence my restarting teh DB Layer Monitor.

Thanks to you all who have offered suggestions

Problem solved

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Re: CFA to Unity Voicemail

I checked the release notes for the tsps and the first mention of CCM 3.3(5) was in TSP Release 8.0(2).

Yes, I am aware that the Callmanager matrix shows that tsp 7.0(4) is compatible with CCM 3.3(5) ( )

So I am suspecting a bug. Set the traces to detailed, and do one test call with VM checked, and the other with forwarding to the pilot number.

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Re: CFA to Unity Voicemail

I would upgrade the TSP as long as it is compatable with CCM 3.2.3 as some of the clusters have not been upgraded yet to 3.3.5. Also some of the clusters that are 3.3.5 work fine. although these were upgrades from 3.2.x and this is the first clean installl of 3.3.5

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