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CFW not working


all info i provided seems to be applicable ONLY to Registered Phones.

Calling a non-registered phone/dn which is forwarded to an external nr (mobile) is working fine.

The info below is as specified only applicable for registered devices.

The customer already tried to fix it by rebooting the call-manager but without success.

We can define the problem as followed.

To make it clear i define some declarations.

Phone A : Internal Phone who is calling

Phone B : Phone with forward to a external nr (My mobile phone nr)

External : Incoming call from pstn (used cell phone from hakim to simulate)

If PhoneA calls Phone B, my cell phone rings, when i pickup the phone a normal conversation can take place.

IF External calls Phone B , my cell phone rings once and call is recorded as missed call , the external caller receives a message that the phone he is trying to reach in maybe switched off or not reachable.

If PhoneB is not forwarded it can receive calls from External.And all the times make phones to external and to other internal nrs

One remark: When i call from my own cell phone, Phone B(which is forwared to my own cell phone) , i get to the voicemail system of my provider, i can leave a voice-message and when i hang up , i get a notification by sms that i missed a call and that i have a voicemail.

Some times the call from external is forwarded to the cell phone normally (I heard the normal ringing sound while i wass on a call with somebody else).

On the debug isdn error i get the following message.

prtm391#debug isdn error


Jul 23 12:50:19.375: ISDN Se1/0:15 SERROR: process_pri_simple: NO name in GTD

As internal calls to the forwarded-phone is working and external to the same forwarded extention is dropped / failing i was thinking of a issue with offnet to offnet calls but i was unable to find anything about it in the call-manager configuration.

i attached the Capture.LOG file which includes all recorded the output from the router.

The callmanager used at this moment is 3.3

I hope somebody could have any idea where to look.


Re: CFW not working

please paste your full

debug voip ccapi inout

debug isdn q931

I am also have a similar issue, but its only when the initial call comes in a QSIG trunk from a siemens. I see an ISDN disconnect message. forwarding to an external number works about 1 every 6 times. Annoying!


New Member

Re: CFW not working

Hi Chad

I attach the full debugs

Thanks in advanced

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